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This Summer London's cultural heartland will host nine days of a one-off celebration of art, music, science, literature and acrobatics on Exhibition Road. 

ROAD SHOW will bring a wealth of creativity to the capital inspired by the prestigious institutions that flank the diamond-paved concourse, from the awe-inspiring laboratories of the Science Museum to the enlightening collection at the V&A.; New commissions, live events, scientific experiments and discussions will all converge to populate a 'landscape of wonder' commissioned by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. Everything from a pop-up ballroom to a one man alien band will appear on customised trailers that materialise in various locations throughout the day, hosting performers specially selected to delight or surprise.

ROAD SHOW will provide a place for Londoners and visitors alike to unwind and recharge during London 2012 with games from the vintage collection at the V&A; or readings from ROAD STORIES, a compendium of specially commissioned short stories by well-known authors.


The Olympic and Paralympic Games are among the world’s highest profile youth festivals and as such, the ROAD SHOW programme is showcasing emerging artists, scientists, thinkers and musicians. 

Created by leading arts producer Di Robson of DREAM, ROAD SHOW has been commissioned by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and is being delivered in partnership with the Exhibition Road Cultural Group and Westminster City Council.

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