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Festival Team


Di Robson Festival Director

Tom Panton Production Manager

Alice Cicolini Associate Producer – Design

David Coulter Music Programmer

Keri Elmsly Arts Producer

Ira Brand Associate Producer

Rowan Rutter Festival Administrator

Cherelle Augustine Production Assistant

Jess Hudsley Production Assistant 

Amy Thompson Admin Support

Golshan Mahdi-Nau Social Media Manager

Arthurleone PR Press

Margaret Digital PR

Sue Broadway Artistic Director - Exhibitionists

Ella Robson Guilfoyle Choreographer; Movement Director - Exhibitionists

Flora Herberich Associate Producer - Exhibitionists

Tim Owen Jones Company Stage Manager - Exhibitionists 


For the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea:

Tot Brill 2012 and Special Projects

Suzel Pitty 2012 Co-ordinator

Adrian Hodgson 2012 Film and Events

Alexandra Wright 2012 Communications

Created by:

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In partnership with:

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