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1 Wednesday August

Gallery Talks

Science, Interactive

Join Science Museum curators for a series of guided tours of their galleries.

1 August 2012, 11am, 3pm & 4pm

Science Museum

The Exhibitionists


ROAD SHOW's resident performance company present extraordinary choreographies and circus feats on Exhibition Road.

1 August 2012, From 6pm onwards

Outside the Victoria & Albert Museum, Imperial College, and on Exhibition Road.

Games for the Games

Interactive, Games

Try your hand at an extraordinary collection of vintage board games.

1 August 2012, Evening

Dave Swarbrick


Britain’s finest folk fiddler, Dave Swarbrick, has inspired audiences and musicians alike over five decades of live performance.

1 August 2012, 8.45pm - 9.50pm

Ballroom Band: The Roving Crows

Interactive, Ballroom, Music

Formed in early 2009, The Roving Crows boast fiery fiddle playing, trumpet, guitar, bass and vocals.

1 August 2012, 8pm - 9.50pm

Daemonia Nymphe


Daemonia Nymphe is an esoteric ensemble consisting of Spyros Giasafakis and Evi Stergiou, the first artists worldwide to compose and perform improvisations with ancient Greek instruments.

1 August 2012, 7pm - 7.45pm

Dance Extreme


From London, Ontario, Dance Extreme bring a troupe of thirty-nine dancers to ROAD SHOW, for a performance that will honour the athlete.

1 August 2012, 6.30pm - 7pm

Royal College of Music Brass Quintet


The RCM Brass Quintet are experienced musicians who have played with some of London's most distinguished ensembles.

1 August 2012, 6pm & 7.45pm

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